In today’s world, we all have a lot of digital stuff. Emails, photos, documents, and more can quickly fill up our computers and phones. It’s easy to get lost in the digital mess. But don’t worry! Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you keep your digital life organised.

1. Create Folders and Use Them

One of the best ways to keep your files organized is to use folders. Create folders for different types of files like “Work,” “Family Photos,” “Bills,” and so on. This way, you’ll know exactly where to look when you need something.

2. Delete What You Don’t Need

We often keep files and apps we don’t really need. Take some time to go through your stuff and delete anything you haven’t used in a while. Your devices will thank you for the extra space!

3. Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox can be a lifesaver. You can access your files from anywhere, and it’s also a great way to back up important stuff. Just make sure to keep your cloud storage organized just like you would with your local files.

4. Set Up Email Folders

Your email can be a big source of digital clutter. Use folders or labels to sort your emails. You can have folders for “Work,” “Personal,” “Shopping,” and more. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

5. Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

If your inbox is full of newsletters and offers you don’t want, it’s time to unsubscribe. Most emails like this have an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Click it and clean up your inbox.

6. Use a Password Manager

Remembering all your passwords can be tough. Use a password manager to keep track of them. This way, you only have to remember one strong password.

7. Keep Your Desktop Clean

A messy desktop can make your computer feel overwhelming. Try to keep it clean by putting files into folders and deleting stuff you don’t need.

8. Set Reminders

Life is busy, and it’s easy to forget things. Use your phone or computer to set reminders for important tasks. This will help you stay on top of things.


Keeping your digital life organised doesn’t have to be hard. With these simple tips and tricks, you can keep your files, emails, and even your desktop neat and tidy. So go ahead, give these tips a try and enjoy a more organised digital life!

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