How to use AutoText template in Outlook

We had already seen about creating email templates to avoid repetitive work in Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010. Auto Text is another template like feature that allows users store pre defined text which gets highlighted when you start typing the first few lines of the text and pressing Enter key will automatically populate the text.

Creating Auto Text entry in Outlook

You can create AutoText templates for the text which gets used very often when you are writing an email in Outlook. For example, if you send lot of emails to your subscribers then you can add some thing like “Dear readers” as a AutoText entry. This can be done by typing Dear readers in New Message window, then press Alt + F3 after selecting the text. This would display the following Create New Building Block window.

Create New Building Block

You can provide a description for your new entry and click Ok button. Now when you start typing first few letters of “Dear Readers”, Outlook will start highlighting the AutoText entry as shown below.

Example AutoText Entry

On Pressing Enter key, “Dear Readers” will be automatically populated in the message window.

Manage AutoText entries in Outlook

Users of Outlook can manage AutoText entries by using option available as part of Insert menu. Click the Insert menu in New Message window, then Quick Parts –> AutoText. Right clicking on the AutoText entries will display menu list with Organize and Delete option.

Organize and Delete


Using the Building Blocks Organizer, users can Edit, Delete and Insert AutoText entries in Outlook 2010.

Building Blocks Organizer


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