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This tutorial explains the auto recover feature available in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010. The auto recover feature regularly takes a backup of the workbook and stores it in a pre defined location. This feature is useful if Excel suddenly crashes and you want to recover the working copy.

Document Recovery

A document recovery pane will be displayed on the left hand side of the Excel worksheet when excel is opened after a crash.This would contain the workbook(s) which were kept open during the crash.


If you want to recover any of the displayed workbook, then select the required file from the available files list.

Change AutoRecover file location

You can specify the path for auto recovery feature using Save workbooks Options. Click the File menu then Options link and then navigate to the Save tab.


Again navigate to the Save workbooks section in Save Options screen. Using AutoRecover file location you can specify the path for automatic backup.

Change AutoRecover Time interval

Using Save AutoRecover information spinner field you can increase or decrease the minutes at which the auto save needs to happen.

Disable AuoRecovery

We have seen the importance of AutoRecovery feature in Excel and by default this is enabled. But Excel also provides option for disabling this feature.


You can disable this by navigating to AutoRecover exceptions section then un tick the checkbox with label as Disable AutoRecover for this workbook only.

Any changes made to this would get reflected after clicking on the OK button available at the bottom of the Save options screen.

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  1. I accidentally saved an EXCEL document and used an existing EXCEL document name. Now I need the original spreadsheet, but I have copied other informatin onto it. Can I recover the original spreadsheet, or is it lost forever?

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