Microsoft Outlook will send a read receipt when a new message requests for read receipt. Sending read receipt option is by default enabled in Outlook. And if you do not want to send a read receipt request then you can disable using the options available as part of Outlook settings. Listed below are the steps to disable sending read receipt in Outlook 2016, 2013 and Outlook 2010

Step 1: Click File menu and select Options from the menu list.

Step 2: In the Options window, click to Mail tab and screen down to Tracking section.

Step 3: Select the radio option “Never send a read receipt” under “For any message received that includes a read receipt request

Step 4: Click OK to confirm and save the changes.


Demo Video – Disable sending read receipt in Outlook 2010


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5 Responses

  1. Even with “Never send a read receipt” checked, receipts are still being sent.
    Changed to “Ask each time whether to send a read receipt”, but receipts are still being sent.

    Something is changed/broken

  2. Same thing happening here (in 6/2015) as happened with Name in 7/2014 via Outlook 2010 on a PC. “Never send a read receipt” is checked but receipts are still being sent.

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