Repeat action keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Applications such as Word and Excel, last action can be repeated using keyboard shortcuts. For example if you have formatted a word with specific style and you want to repeat/apply the same format for other words then you can press F4 or Ctrl + Y or Alt + Enter. This can be used for copying drawings or formatting excel cells thus reducing the steps and saves time.

Change the keyboard shortcut for Repeat Action

Microsoft Office users can change the keyboard shortcut associated for Repeat action using Settings. Let us see these steps in Word 2016 & 2013

Step 1: Click File menu then Options and navigate to Customize Ribbon

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Office

Step 2: In the Customize Ribbon screen, click Customize button available next to Keyboard shortcuts.

Change keyboard shortcut for Repeat Action

Step 3: In the Customize Keyboard window, select All Commands under Categories and pick EditRedoOrRepeat under Commands. You should be able to see the keys that are currently associated with Repeat action.

Step 4: Navigate to Press new shortcut key option and enter the keyboard shortcut.

Step 5: Click Assign to confirm and apply your changes.


2 responses to “Repeat action keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Office”

  1. Kevin Hopkins Avatar
    Kevin Hopkins

    Hello, what if I already assigned Cut, Copy, Paste to F2, F3, & F4… how do I get Repeat Last Action back? I want to assign it to F5 which is where I had it in Word 2003, but I cannot find the command to reassign it in Word 2007. I DID find the Redo or Repeat (last action) icon and was able to place that in my Quick Access Toolbar, but I find pressing F5 to be much faster than going to the toolbar each and every time I need to repeat the last action (which by the way, is a lot…) Thanks for the help.

  2. Ravi Shankar Avatar
    Ravi Shankar


    F5 can be assigned Redo or Repeat last action using Word Options -> Cutomize menu.

    The command name is EditRedoorRepeat, remove the shortcut that is already assigned and assign F5 as shortcut.


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