How to change the decimal separator in Excel

Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2010 by default uses the system defined decimal separator. In Windows 8 and Windows 7 this option is defined under the Regional and Language Settings available under Control Panel. You can follow below steps to change the decimal separator in Excel. Step 1: Right click on the bottom end corner of […]

How to Insert Pictures in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool for organising and analysing data, but sometimes you need to add a visual touch to your spreadsheets. Whether it’s for a presentation, a report, or simply to make your data easier to understand, inserting pictures in Excel is a useful skill to have. In this blog post, we’ll show you […]

How to display fractions in Excel

In excel when we type fractions like ‘1/2’, ‘1/3’, it shows dates like 01-Feb, 01-Mar. To display fractions and stop converting in to dates you can follow the below mentioned steps. You might be interested in this post as well – Dash becomes date in Excel

How to Separate a Person’s First and Last Name in Excel

Here are the formulas for separating first name and last name from a person’s full name. Let us take the following sample data of NBA players Let us first start separating First Name from the Player’s name. Type the this formula in C6 Cell. =LEFT(B6,FIND(” “,B6)) The above formula first finds the single space then […]

How to disable auto fill feature in Excel

Auto fill in excel is quite handy feature, using this you can fill series of cells based on the entries of other excel cells. But if you want to turn off or disable auto fill feature then you can use Excel options for doing this. Listed below are the steps to turn off auto fill […]