How to display fractions in Excel

In excel when we type fractions like ‘1/2’, ‘1/3’, it shows dates like 01-Feb, 01-Mar. To display fractions and stop converting in to dates you can follow the below mentioned steps. You might be interested in this post as well – Dash becomes date in Excel

How to Separate a Person’s First and Last Name in Excel

Here are the formulas for separating first name and last name from a person’s full name. Let us take the following sample data of NBA players Let us first start separating First Name from the Player’s name. Type the this formula in C6 Cell. =LEFT(B6,FIND(” “,B6)) The above formula first finds the single space then […]

How to Verify Email Addresses in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Google Spreadsheet you can check whether the value entered is a proper email address by creating a data validation rule. This rule does a simple verification and checks for the @ symbol in the entered value. Let us say you have a column in your spreadsheet that needs to accept only email addresses, then […]

How to increase number of worksheets Excel

Microsoft Excel by default contains 3 worksheets while creating a new Workbook. For creating a new workbook you can specify the number of Worksheet that a Workbook needs to contain. This can be modified using Excel Options. Listed below are steps for increasing number of Worksheets for a new Workbook in Excel 2013, Excel 2010 […]

A trick to flip a column upside down in Excel

Excel users can sort a column using the Sort feature available as part of Sort & Filter menu. But what if you want to flip a column upside down. Let us see this with an example column having some text values as shown below. We will not be able to apply sort feature directly on […]

Prevent users from adding new worksheet in Excel

Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010 provides an option to prevent users from adding new worksheet to existing Workbook structure. So if you are the owner of Excel file and you do not want to allow other users to add any new worksheet, rename or move worksheet then you can use Protect Workbook Structure option to […]