Excel for Mac 2011 users can password protect the workbook using the option provided as part of the File menu. Click the File menu and select Passwords from the displayed menu list.


This would display the following File Passwords window with different password option.


You can set a password for opening the excel workbook using the Password to open field. Similarly to set a password for modifying the content in the excel workbook, you can use the Password to modify. If you want to make the workbook as readonly then mark the check box labelled as Read-only recommended.

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  1. I import financial data from my bank into my Excel 2011 spreadsheet on my Mac Os 10.11.6 and all works well. I want to send the file to my bookkeeper and want to Password Protect it, however when I go through the regular sequence File / Passwords / ….The File Password box is greyed back–I cannot set a password.
    Any assistance is appreciated.

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