This is in response to question asked by a reader of this blog related with header and footer in Excel 2010.

how do I make the header / footer not visible on the page while typing?

When you click on the insert header and footer option in Excel 2010, excel would immediately change the view to Page Layout. Hence you would see the newly added header and footer in your worksheet.


After typing the required header and footer details and do not want to see header and footer while typing you excel sheet in the data section then you can change the view to Normal by selecting Normal under the Workbook Views section.


This would temporarily hide the inserted header and footer in the Worksheet and you can always get it back by changing the Workbook view to Page Layout.

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  1. There is another way to show/hide the header/footer while in Page Layout view:
    If you position your cursor above the white sheet, an option to ‘Hide white space’ pops up, with an opposing arrows icon (or ‘Show white space’ if its already hidden). You can toggle the header/footer on and off.
    Took me a while to find that, after opening a file that had hidden the white space! I’m not aware of a check-box option to perform the same function.

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