The default ruler units in Excel 2016, 2013 and Excel 2010 is set to Centimetres and users can change this default units using the Settings available as part of the Excel options.

View Ruler in Excel 2013

The Page Layout view will be display the ruler in Excel. And in case if the ruler is not displayed then make sure to mark the checkbox with label as Ruler.


Change ruler units in Excel

Step 1: Click the File menu and select Options from menu list.

Step 2: In the Excel options window, click Advanced tab and navigate to Display section.


Step 3: In the Display section, click the Ruler units drop down and select your preferred unit.


Step 4: Click Ok button to apply and save the changes.

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  1. I tried filling this out a bit ago and hit a wrong key and don’t know where it went so if you happen to come across a similar unfinished one, that’s mine! 🙂 I know enough that I need to know for excel but there’s not one thing that really bothers me. Whe it come time to make/redo my movie list (which is a list of movies I write down as they come out because I told myself that I was going those them all, good or bad) enough weird about me. I make my list in excel and alter the row heights to all the same and I like 2 columns per page. I’ve tried starting with 2 columns but then my problem comes when trying to. Sort

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