There are different ways for changing the column width of cell in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. Some of them are listed below

Double Clicking Column Header

The easiest one for adjusting the column width is to double click the Column Header of cell whose width needs to be changed depending on the longest length of text entered in the Cell. The mouse pointer needs to placed on the border line before doing a double click

Using Mouse Drag and Drop

Mouse Drag and Drop Column Width

Another way for changing the column width is to use mouse drag and drop feature and adjust the cell column width depending upon the requirement.

Using Format menu option

Excel also provided option for changing the column width by using the Format menu option. In the home menu, navigate to Cells section and click the drop down arrow below the Format menu option.


This would display the following list of available menus.


To Change the column width of the selected cell, select Column Width from the available menus and enter the desired column width for the cell in Column width text box.


And if you want to change the width for all the columns in the Worksheet then select Default Width menu from Format menu option and specify the Standard Width in Standard column width text box.


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