Change undo limit in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010

As per the Excel Specifications and limits the maximum limit for undo in Excel 2010 is set to 100. In the previous version of Excel this was set to 16. The maximum limit value is fixed but you can increase or decrease this limit by modify registry settings. Please Note:- Changing Registry Settings is not […]

Changing column width in excel 2013 and excel 2010

There are different ways for changing the column width of cell in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. Some of them are listed below Double Clicking Column Header The easiest one for adjusting the column width is to double click the Column Header of cell whose width needs to be changed depending on the longest length […]

How to enable a disabled add-in in Excel 2010

Office products such as Word, Excel Outlook will automatically disable installed add-in if any add-in prevented the software from functioning correctly. And it also provides option for enabling the disabled add-in items. In Excel 2010 you can enable a disabled add-in using the add-in options. Click the File menu –> Options link –> Navigate to […]

How to enable or disable multi threading feature in Excel

Microsoft Excel 2010 has a multi threading feature which when enabled reduces the time taken for complex calculation or Formulas. And you can enable this feature when your computer supports multi processing capabilities. Listed below are the steps to enable or disable multi threading feature in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010 Step 1: Click File […]

How to change starting page number in Excel 2010

This post is in reply to the query posted by a reader that My footer is starting with zero. Why? I want it to start with one. Excel 2010 footer page number by default starts with number 1and you can change the starting page number using the Page Setup option. Step 1: Click the File […]

How to hide header/footer while typing in Excel 2010

This is in response to question asked by a reader of this blog related with header and footer in Excel 2010. how do I make the header / footer not visible on the page while typing? When you click on the insert header and footer option in Excel 2010, excel would immediately change the view […]